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Welcome to the Clément Ader website.
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A Note from the principal

Each year, Clément Ader welcomes approximately 550 students from the entire Eure department. The courses given are varied enough to offer a vast palette of diplomas that open opportunities for our students to pursue employment or to continue their education.

On the school website you can find information to help you discover more about each training program. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you might have.

For potential and current students, the website has numerous documents and ressources about life on campus.

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  • OUR COURSES - Juin 2019


  • HISTORY - Juin 2019

    The history of our school
    The Lottin site, constructed in 1964, was originally a professional high school intended exclusively for female students. Notably, the school offered a Fashion Trade program until the 1990s.
    The Eole site, which was originally the property of Victor Lottin de Laval, artist and archaeologist, was a technical high school. After renovations in 1989, the two sites were integrated into one polyvalent high school which was baptised Clément Ader High (...)

  • ABOUT - Juin 2019

    Clément Ader high school has the particularity of being situated on two separate sites.
    On the EOLE site you can find industrial training programs and on the LOTTIN site tertiary training programs.
    D : administration
    E : educational site
    F : educational site, school life
    GH : ateliers
    I : GRETA (adult education)
    MN : boarding house

    AB : educational site
    C : administration
    J : hotel and restaurant training, restaurant, sales and marketing
    K : boarding (...)